[eDebate] Navy Parking/Access--please read if you're coming!

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu Jan 17 16:34:29 CST 2008

So far we have the following driver info:
Boston College?Waldinger, Katsulas
George Mason?NONE
Georgia?Abbot, Watson
Harvard?Perkins, Bauschard
James Madison?NONE
Liberty?we know you?re bringing a bus but we need the drivers? info
Mary Washington?Berry, Collins, Wyatt, Mika, Ryan
Richmond?Kuswa, Hausrath (still need info on Congdon, Arnold, Hanson)
UTD?Burk, Herndon
Trinity?Harrison, Atchison, Downing
USMA?y?all are good as long as you?re in government vehicles and have your IDs
Wake?Hahn, Reed
This info is due in to Operations tomorrow morning at 0900.  If your name isn?t on there, God Herself will not be able to get your vehicle onto the Academy and it?ll be a long cold walk from public parking areas.  PLEASE get me this info tonight!
Danielle Verney O?Gorman
Navy Debate
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