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Fri Jan 18 18:25:46 CST 2008

 ******************WINTER WONDERLAND REMIX***************

So, we don't do snow/ice well here in the South. And the forecast for
Saturday sounds
like a Grateful Dead song ? Cold Rain & Snow. Predicting 1.9" for Carroll
County by
Saturday evening, with temps Saturday night dropping below 20 degrees. Thus,
precipitation on the ground will be freezing and creating holy hell for us
hicks. Sunday
is supposed to be sunny and reach 40 degrees by afternoon. Here's how we're
dealing with

1)        We're doing 7 rounds instead of 8, and adjusting the schedule

7am ? Pairings for Rds 1 & 2, and breakfast (biscuits & fruit, coffee &
745am ? Round 1 start
1015am ? Round 2 start

Lunch on campus (Burrito Jones)
Pairings for Rd 3 as soon as we can get them tabbed and printed

130pm ? Round 3 start
430pm ? Round 4 start

10am ? Pairings for Rd 5
11am ? Round 5 start

Lunch on campus (Cathy Ho's)
Pairings for Rd 6 asap

230pm ? Round 6 start
6pm ? Round 7 start

Dinner on campus (Papa John's pizza)

Awards to follow asap

2)        This is the schedule we're planning on. Of course, two days ago,
we had different
ideas. And if Mother Nature forces us, we may have a different plan. Assume
this is the
schedule unless we tell you different (no need to ask us Saturday night,
we'll let you
know, we promise).
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