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Mon Jan 21 13:35:51 CST 2008


1) Wake GL (NEG) over 16) UGA DM 3-0
2) Dart KO (AFF) 3-0 over 15) UNT CE
14) Emory CP (AFF) 2-1 over 3) NU BM (B Hall sat)
4) Wake CC advanced over 13) Wake MS
12) Ga State GL (NEG) 3-0 over 5) Michigan FK
6) Mo. State MM (AFF) 3-0 over 11) Dart AH
7) Emory MS (AFF) 3-0 over 10) Miami GV
8) MSU EL (AFF) 3-0 over 9) Emory NS


Ga State (AFF) 2-1 over Wake CC (Phillips, Clark, H Walters*)
Wake GL (AFF) 2-1 over MSU EL (Hoe, Watson, Hamraie*)
Dart KO (NEG) 2-1 over Emory MS (Lacy, B Hall, R Smith*)
Missouri State MM (AFF) 2-1 over EMory CP (DeLong, Durkee, Harrigan*)


20) Galperin, Miami
19) Lai, MSU
18) D. Chung, Wake
17) Schwab, Emory
16) Cholera, UNT
15) Zagorin, Mich
14) Bruce, NU
13) Lemuel, GSU
12) Miller, Emory
11) Meggie Mapes, MoSt
10) Lanning, MSU
9) S. Chung, Wake
8) Lamballe, Wake
7) Michael Mapes, MoSt
6) Olsen, Dart
5) Farra, Mich
4) Mulholand, NU
3) Kernoff, Dart
2) Gannon, Wake
1) Keenan, Mich

and the inaugural WIFs (you had to be here to know the winners, but here are
the catgories for awards):

Dumbest C-X question: AFF team criticizing CP for misspelling Afghanistan,
except NEG did spell it correctly

Longest/Worst conversation: 3hr discussion of which Star Wars movie was best

Worst Constructive/Strategy: runner-up was the team that double turned Cap K
and kept extending all the double turns; winner was their opponent who never
pointed that out

Best Entourage (aka, Least Efficient Travel): the school that brought one
team and four coaches, plus 1 local groupie

Lamest Nomination for a WIF: nice person failing miserably at trying to be

Partners that most look like each other: runner up were the Chungs

Spirit Award: for the person who had the funniest & most vulgar nomination
(technically nominating Josh Hoe for "Ahmadinejad Facial Hair" but actually
more of a rather randy discussion of genitalia, etc) that made us laugh the
most, but also made it impossible for us to read aloud.

"Congeniality" Award: to the team that received multiple nominations for
'biggest douchebags' (and they were the ONLY team to receive any nominations
for such a category)
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