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Mon Jan 21 20:56:50 CST 2008

Navy is having us hand you a parking pass before you can park on the Yard; therefore we will be moving Friday registration from the Academy to the Doubletree.  Friday registration will now be 1 to 3 at the Doubletree.  
If you did not get driver and vehicle information to us before 0900 Friday, January 18, 2007, we are still trying to get permission for your vehicle to come onto the Yard.  However, we cannot guarantee you will get that permission.  If you cannot bring your vehicle on the Yard, you will need to park in front of Gate 1 and walk onto the Base through Gate 1  (off of King George?s Avenue).  You may wish to arrive early as it may take more time to have all your debaters and their tubs to get through security.
Remember, everyone going on the yard MUST have a government issued id.
ENTRY WILL BE CLOSED TOMMOROW AT 1700 (5 p.m.) Eastern Time:
Please be sure and have all your teams and judges in by that time so that we can open prefs.  Currently I need judging from Clarion (3 rounds), Liberty (33 rounds), Pittsburgh (3 rounds), Richmond (21 rounds), and Towson (1 round).  If you need to make changes after five tomorrow, please email both tomogorman at gmail.com and danielleverney at gmail.com
Looking forward to having y?all,
Danielle Verney O?Gorman
Navy Debate
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