[eDebate] 3 Time WIF nominee thanks West GA

Josh jbhdb8
Tue Jan 22 10:36:26 CST 2008

AP 1/22/2008

3 Time WIF (worst in forensics) nominee, and one time winner, Josh Hoe gave
an official press conference today.  The following comments were made before
he left the podium holding his WIF over is head shouting "victory."

- Thanks to Michael Hester and Sarah Holbrook for great hospitality, fine
dangerous trophies, and for the WIF

- How does one get nominated for a WIF for "best" points (sarcastic) when
the lowest points he gave for the tournament were 28s?  And, if those were
the lowest points..why arent I a TWO TIME WIF award winner?

- How does Scotty P win the WIF instead of me when its MY BAD FACIAL HAIR

- If things had gone right, I would be wearing a "three time WIF winner"
T-Shirt instead of one that says "three time WIF nominee"

Josh left the stage, WIF held above his head, screaming "next year, total

In other West Georgia news, on the advice of Mike Hester, first speaker
award winner Dylan Keenan attempted Hari Kari with the samuri sword/first
speaker award after losing in octas.  Fortunately he missed his stomach and
instead gutted a random University of West Georgia student who had been
urging him on (ps. not that we are superstitious, but could you not jinx us
in the future Hester?)

Thanks to all the West Georgia folks for a great tournament, hopefully
Presenti has finally woken up,

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