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Tue Jan 22 13:42:16 CST 2008

Below are the details for NDT enrollment certification and other
important dates for the 2008 NDT.  If you have any question, contact me
at mphall at liberty.edu or at the number listed below.





The rule states:

To be an eligible debater for the National Debate Tournament, a student
must provide, by February 8th to the NDT committee chair, an official
document from appropriate university officials verifying that he/she is
registered as a full time or degree seeking undergraduate student and is
in good standing at the school, for which he/she is participating, as of
February 1st immediately preceding the NDT in which he/she wishes to
participate. If the week preceding February 8th is the first week of
instruction for an institution, that institution may submit to the NDT
committee chair by February 8th a list of students who intend to submit
verification documents, and those documents must be received by the NDT
committee chair no later than the day prior to the announcement of first
round at large bid recipients. (This year that date is February 17,

I'll be collecting enrollment verification letters an behalf of Tim,
who's on sabbatical for the Spring semester.  If you have questions
regarding the status of your letters, call the phone number below and
ask for Bessie Grayson, the Administrative Assistant for Liberty Debate.

Letters should be sent by the deadline via U.S. mail to:

Michael P. Hall
Liberty University
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Phone: 434-582-2080
Fax: 434-582-2113

(a fax or an email attachment may be sent to meet the deadline, but must
be followed by a paper copy with the registrar's seal by Friday,
February 15, 2008)  I will also collect verification forms in person at
the UT tournament.

NDT Dates approved at the Dallas NDT


Must be received by Committee Members: Thursday, February 14 (5PM CST)
Committee calls or e-mail to Director: February 16-17
Director Announces: February 18 


Declaration of intent to attend District: Tuesday, February 19
Announcement of district bids: February 20


Must be received by
Committee Members: Thursday, March 6 (5 PM CST) 
Committee calls or e-mail to Director: March 8-9
Director announces: March 10




Michael P. Hall

Acting Director of Debate

Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA 24502

(434) 582-2080

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