[eDebate] Val Browning Results

Veronica Guevara veronica_m_barreto
Tue Jan 22 17:08:37 CST 2008

There are more details and results coming but for now...
Wichita State CR over Gonzaga HS
Weber CD over Gonzaga FG
Wyoming BJ over Wyoming NP
Idaho State MJ over Wichita State BR
Wichita State CR over Wyoming BJ
Idaho State MJ over Weber CD
Idaho State MJ over Wichita State CR
Congratulations to Idaho State for winning the 2008 Val Browning Round Robin.  We would like to thank all over our guests for visiting us here in Ogden for a great competitive weekend and we would also like to send out an extra special thanks to Jeff Jarman for travelling an exceptionally talented crew over 1,000 miles to attend the round robin. Best to everyone and we will see you again next year.

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Weber State University
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