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Tue Jan 22 19:56:26 CST 2008

>From Tom O?Gorman:
Prefs for the Navy Tournament are now open. Remember Prefs are for all divisions.
Please mark at least 15 judges as number one (most preferred). Please mark at least 15 judges as number two (more preferred). Please mark at least 11 judges as number three (preferred). Please mark at least 11 judges as number four (OK). You may mark no more than 3 judges as number six. The remaining judges may be marked as five (not preferred). Constraints count as number fives.
Prefs will remain open until 2330 (11:30 eastern time), Thursday night. Changes after that will go into effect by Round 3.
If you have any problems or questions email me at tomogorman at gmail.com. Friday, if you need to make any changes please call my cell (202) 674-1392.
Note 1: Danielle Verney-O?Gorman, Thomas O?Gorman, and Richard Sampson will almost certainly not actually judge in prelims, and will likely not judge many (if any) elims. We are on the pref sheet just in case, because we are tight on judging. And our feelings will not be hurt if you six us. Pref as you will.
Note 2: While we intend to treat category 6 judges as strikes, we are tight on judging, particularly Friday; therefore, the tab room reserves the right to place a mutual six judge in a round if we deem it necessary. We appreciate your understanding.
D7 Note: We are trying again this year to put something of a caselist for the District Tournament together at Navy. If you are going, it would be very helpful to us all, if you would email cites for your affirmative and your negative positions to barnes at jmu.edu.
Your weekend forecast for Annapolis is mid-30 degree weather, with possible showers on Sunday.
Hope to see you soon,
Tom O?Gorman
Navy Debate
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