[eDebate] Augustana Tournament Updates - January 24

Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Thu Jan 24 13:16:31 CST 2008

A couple of quick things before entry closes on Tuesday, January 29th at 5pm EST. If you are set with your teams, judging, and number of people at the tournament/eating preferences, just skip this one. I'll send an email through debater results with a few specific announcements next week. 

First, as you can see, the tournament is getting bigger, which is great. I'm a fan of as much competition as possible, especially when the weather is cold. We are looking forward to hosting your squad. With those numbers, filling in your number of participants is incredibly important. We would like to be efficient and generous with our snack and breakfast buying, and we will be buying food off our estimates from the number of debaters & judges entered in the tournament. If you haven't had a chance already, if you wouldn't mind filling out that information on debatersresults ASAP, I would really appreciate it. We're going to get the drinks and non-perishables tomorrow in a van. I drive a compact car, and it is not ideal for massive food runs during the tournament! :)

Second, if you need hired judging and have not made prior arrangements, please let me know what your status is. If you are planning on hiring for us, the easiest thing you can do for us and our hired judges is pay the $25/uncovered round fee with your registration (making your checks payable to AUGUSTANA COLLEGE), and we will make sure that your judges are paid and everything.

As always, we appreciate you making choice to come to our tournament. We look forward to hosting you next weekend!

All the best,

Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Debate

Augustana College

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