[eDebate] Augustana Updates - January 28

Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Mon Jan 28 08:38:50 CST 2008

With the Augustana Tournament quickly approaching, here are a couple of updates before registration closes on Tuesday at 5pm EST.

1. Judging - We are very excited to host so many of you, it looks like we can offer 6 rounds of separate competition across three healthy divisions. However, in order to make those rounds run well, especially on elim day, we need to know exactly how many judges we have. If you have not confirmed all of your judging on debateresults, please let me know what your status is. I know that this is a busy time of the year for all squads. If you are in negotiations with external people and you have just not entered them, please let me know. If you are looking to hire internally, I have added all of the rounds of people that we have hired for the tournament that are coming with other schools.

If you have not made arrangements with us previously about hiring, please remember, this is the Quad Cities. We might be in Illinois, but we are not Chicago. Random debate people do not flock to the Mississippi River to find an atmosphere that is hospitable to cutting cards. We have been very fortunate to get a nice pool of hired judging, but that pool cannot accommodate requests for large amounts of rounds that have not been made already. If you are paying for rounds through us, the easiest way to do this is to add in the $25/round to your entry fee, that would be the best way to distribute the money for our judges. 

2. Parking - I'm going to send out more specific directions from the LaQuinta/airport hotels after Corrina recovers from Northwestern, but the parking situation on campus is park in the Centennial Lot, LOT E, which is the lot down the hill from Old Main. For those of you unfamiliar with our campus, we will be running our tournament out of 3-4 buildings on the Northeast corner of the campus (Old Main, Denkmann, College Center, and Olin). When you arrive for registration, the easiest thing to do is after traveling north on 38th Street from the hotel, take a left on 7th Avenue, and take the first left up a narrow, but passable driveway in a 15 passenger van. Unload your evidence there and to to Old Main, and drive down the hill and take a right back onto 7th Avenue, and then an immediate left into the Centennial Lot. Drive to the back of the lot, take a left, and park behind the building there. i know that many of you are used to parking up the "hill", you can do that on the weekend, but parking services would prefer that we park down the hill while classes are in session on Friday. 


I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions. We will see you on Friday!

All the best,

Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Debate

Augustana College

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