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Tue Jan 29 12:04:45 CST 2008

Hey folks (I think all relevant listserves and individuals are on this):

We have reserved parking for the tournament on E. 25th Street, between
Lexington and 3rd Ave.  The is the street the entrance to the Vertical
Campus is on.  The entrance is in the middle of the block, easily
identifiable because it is at the cross-walk and the traffic light also in
the middle of the block.

Parking will be reserved starting on Friday night after 7PM if you would
prefer to leave your vehicle for the weekend.  We will also be able to let
you into a space to store tubs if that would be a convenience.  If you wish
to park outside of Baruch on Friday night, please email an approximate
arrival time so I am there to deal with security.

I assume most of you will be arriving on Saturday, somewhere around 7AM to
7:30.  Please do the following:

1.) Pull as far down the block as possible.  We are trying to MINIMIZE
experiments in parallel parking (trust me, I've done it a lot in NYC, and
it's just not fun).  There will some poor, possibly cold-looking Baruch
student moving cones to allow you into spaces.  Please be patient and do not
run over the team officers.  I need them for other thankless tasks later.

2.) Please get your brightly colored parking pass from my poor, pathetic,
cold student, and place it in your window on the dashboard on the DRIVER'S
SIDE.  Please don't go away without getting the pass.  It makes things so
much easier.

3.) Please identify which SCHOOL you are from and the driver so that my now
nearly frostbitten student can shiver your license plate number down for
security. (Yes, I know it won't be that cold, but he's got to be out there a

You're set until you leave that night.  Same process of getting a pass the
next day, without the license plate needs.  When you leave the tournament
Saturday, you may want to eat in the city, then drive.  Just remind me
you're leaving the car there for a few more hours so I can bribe security
and change into my valet jacket.  When you leave the tournament Sunday, I'd
be happy to give you directions (other trustworthy options: Keeton, Patrice,
Rubino, Webster, maybe Suliman, Baker and most definitely Berch.
untrustworthy options: anyone who actually attends NYU.)

*From Hotel/Jersey*:  Take Lincoln Tunnel, go down to 34th St, turn left on
34th St, go across to 2nd Ave and turn right, take 2nd ave down to 25th St
and turn right.  Cross 3rd Ave, building is on the left, drive down street
and park behind the other vans.  It's a grid system, so you can't get too

*In a Cab - From East of 3rd Ave* (2nd Ave, 1st Ave, Alphabet City, things
near Delancey, FDR Drive, Brooklyn, Queens)

Tell the driver 25th between 3rd and Lex.  (yes, I know complicated)

*In a Cab - From West of Lexington* (Park, Madison, 5th Ave or higher, West
Side Highway, New Jersey)

Have them drop you off at the corner of Lexington and East 25th, the left
side, far corner.  (It's just easier).

*CABS IN GENERAL - Open cabs have the Medallion number lit up on the top (4
digit/letter combo).  If the numbers is dark the cab is occupied.
"Off-Duty" lit up means that, but may take you a short distance if lucky.
Tourists are most easily spotted as they try to hail unavailable cabs. You
(or the hotel doorman) can hail cabs in Manhattan, you would "call" for a
car service, which technically can't pick up street hails. (The Taxi &
Limousine Commission believes in T and a brightline)

*Subway* - Take the 6 Train (those are the GREEN CIRCLES) to 23rd St.  Walk
up Park Ave 2 blocks to 25th Street, turn right, walk 1 1/2 blocks across
Lex, Campus is on your right.

You can also take the N/R (yellow circles) to 23rd as well, and follow the
same directions.  About a block further.

*SUBWAY IN GENERAL - $2/ride.  Buy 5, get 6th free ($10).  Day passes
available, and only economical if each person will ride more that 3 times a
day.  See http://www.mta.info/ for more info.

*Walking*:  Come out of hotel.  Turn left on Park Ave.  Walk down one block,
turn left on 25th Street.  Walk 1/2 blocks, across Lex.  Continue following
Dr. Berch, building is on the right. (Note: these may not be specific to
everyone's hotel, but I again, I wholly support "follow Neil" as a good
theory this weekend).

See you Saturday! Email me if you need anything.


Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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