[eDebate] GOTHAM DEBATES - Final Bits (#3)

V I Keenan vikeenan
Tue Jan 29 14:18:41 CST 2008

We're looking forward to hosting you this weekend!

A few lingering details/answers to questions:

Baruch takes security seriously.  To get past the lobby, you will need to
have a security pass that will be available at registration when you
arrive.  In theory, showing the guard this badge will get you through the
turnstiles with no problem (yes, it's like the subway).  They have been told
that all "student-types" would have school ids if necessary.  This process
will be a lot more important for smokers.

If someone from each school could come to the registration table when you
arrive to collect and distribute badges for the team, it would be very
helpful.  We will do breakfast in the 1st floor Multi-Purpose room (where it
was last year) which is OUTSIDE of  security so that your students can eat
while you distribute.  This is immediately inside the 25th St. entrance.

Please remind you students (and coaches!) to keep these badges for the whole
weekend.  We will have someone posted near security, and a few extras, but
it's really important they still have a badge for Sunday morning.

As agreed on at West Point, we will be running a student meeting to elect a
Regional Student Rep.  This will be at lunch on the first day.  Our Regional
Rep, Kathryn Rubino, will be running the meeting and the election.  Please
start rounds in a timely manner to ensure students will be able to
participate.  East Region Group Hug optional.

Yes, we'll have the game on for late elims.  (Actually if you get sem's
started in a timely manner also, it would be over just in time for
kick-off).  If you are not obligated to judge and not debating, but don't
want to drive back during the game, you're welcome to hang around.  If you
really don't know what game, we have other things you may want to do.

#4 TAB:
Neil Berch is in tab with me in CX, Tuna will be tabbing Worlds (and
refereeing the eventual steel cage death match when Neil and I both try to
utter, "eh, prefs.  They can adapt" at the same time for our teams hitting
each other).

There will be limited strikes for the tournament in CX - sheets available at
registration, implemented for round 3 and beyond (elims to the extent
possible - luckily most people seem to like a large number of the NYC

There will be no debaters from Baruch proper in the tournament.  Debaters
from CUNY overall will be entered under the following conditions:
1) 1 Open* team if there are an odd number of entries
2) 1 JV* team if there are an odd number of entries AND I'm secure in extra
judge coverage
3) Rookies in novice, swing partners in novice for other schools, debaters
to fill out division or balance anticipated Cornell entries.
*If Open and JV teams from CUNY are entered, they will not be eligible for
elims, but they will be eligible for speaker awards.  There will not be
restrictions on novices.

The rest of the Coalition will be entering the tournament without caveat
(NYU, New School, Fordham, Columbia) as per Gotham Debate tradition.
They're not allowed to talk to me this week anyway . . .

Many of you were at Wake and used Twitter to know about pairing releases,
round times, or other announcements.  Andy also used it at the last BDC, and
was hoping to use it at nov/jv nats.  To facilitate that goal, we're going
to ask everyone for this tournament to sign up.  (It's not just so I can
test reception in the Vertical Campus, although an interesting side
experiment.)  I'll send instructions in a separate email on Wed night after
I have all of the entries - this is just a heads up.

#6 Say nice (or neutral) things about APDA:
Since I had so little to do in the last few weeks, I decided to help NYU's
APDA team get rooms, judges, and some logistical help for their tournament
this weekend.  (And I think my office keys . . .)  In return, I have
declined their offer of a plaque and naming awards in my honor, but I have
accepted the delivery of Novices for Saturday as ballot runners as a
suitable tribute.  So, please try to be respectful of my guests (my Dean was
an NDT debater - you can be as argumentative with him as you want).

We like to call it NYC Debate Weekend.

Thanks again for coming!  Let us know if there is anything we can do.  We're
happy to provide hugs, backrubs, over the counter pain relievers, directions
to the bar for those over 21, 1 very large stuffed penguin, directions, the
occasional puppy, or anything else you may need.  (hmmm, perhaps this is
where we also emphasize our upholding of the CEDA sexual harassment policy .
. .)

See you Saturday,

Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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