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Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Thu Jan 31 14:11:31 CST 2008

Hello everyone,
Just a few quick updates from the Quad Cities:
1. It is snowing right now, but if the weather channel forecast holds for this area, it should be ok on the travel days. Definitely cold, of course, but we will be in two buildings very close to each other, so you shouldn't have too much trouble. Registration runs till 3:30 tomorrow, so please call me on my cell phone if you run into problems on the road.
2. Parking - 
This is lot E, park here on Friday, you can park up the hill on Saturday/Sunday. 
The easiest place to park will probably be in the Centennial Lot, which is behind Centennial Hall. This is your first right after you have turned onto 7th Avenue. After you park in the lot, lock your car and head up the hill. We are going to be in Old Main, which is the second building on the left (south side of 7th Avennue). It has a big beige dome and some ivy in an attempt to seem more prestigious. There's a big set of stairs, but our tab room is actually on the ground floor. Go in the door under the stairs and after you have entered the building, take a right at the square set of benches in the middle of the hall. The Debate Union will be on your right. 
3. Directions
Please note that since last time you were here, the State of Illinois added a ?loop-de-loop? (that?s Corrina?s term) to John Deere Road.  
>From the hotel to campus:
Turn right out of the hotel parking lot.  Turn left on 52nd Avenue (the mall should be on your right).  Take a right on 16th Street.  Take a left onto IL-5/John Deere Road.  Follow John Deere;  you will see a split in the road?the left and center lane go under the bridge to Milan (pronounced with a long ?i?, rhymes with Mylar).  The right and center lane go to Rock Island.  Stay in the right lane.  Turn right at the stoplight; you are now back on IL-5/John Deere/Blackhawk Road.  Take a right at 38th Street (the corner with Kmart and Arthur?s Deli).  Take for a couple of miles to 7th Avenue; turn left.  Katherine L. Lavelle Director of DebateAugustana College The future is bright for those who question. Francois Truffaut - Jules & Jim
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