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Thanks to Brian and the entire Denver team and coaching staff for a wonderful weekend!

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Denver Tournament Results:
JV Speakers:
1) Brian Ko- Arizona State
2) Brian Brantley- Idaho State
3) Whitley Brown- Idaho State
4) Dan Fayle- Idaho State
5) Kurtis Neilson- Arizona State
JV Finals:
ASU MK and ASU NY close out finals
Varsity Speakers:
1) Mike Bausch- Wyoming
2) Ryan Cheek- Weber State
3) Jamie Piechura- Wyoming
4) Tyler Warner- Denver
5) Stacy Dawson- Weber State
6) Kelly Nickel- Wyoming
7) Tony Johnson- Wyoming
8) Logan Martin- Denver
9) Micah Heaton- Weber State
10) Marie Marinelli- Denver
Open Quarters:
Weber CD def Denver MW 2-1 Massey*, Howard, Stannard
Wyoming BJ def ASU JM 3-0 Odekerk, Tews, Schrader
Wyoming NP def ISU RD 2-1 Johnson*, Ellis, Cummings
Wyoming BM def Weber HP 2-1 Symonds, Kelsey, Westerfield*
Open Semi-Finals:
Weber CD def Wyoming BM 2-1 Westerfield, Ellis, Symonds*
Wyoming MP advances over Wyoming BJ
Open Finals:
Wyoming NP def Weber CD 2-1 Massey*, Ellis, Westerfield
Congrats to Wyoming and ASU!
Brian Schrader & the DU debate team

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