[eDebate] Congrats to Cathedral Prep & St. Mark's, Hire Brian Manual

Douglas Dennis blackdebateguy
Wed Jan 30 00:11:05 CST 2008

I concur. Manuel is one of the hardest working, most dedicated debate people
I've ever met. A passion for the activity hard to match, and a desire to
make the average debater, the good debater great, and the great debater the

If I ran a camp, I'd hire him.


On 1/28/08 12:22 PM, "Stefan Bauschard" <SBauschard at planetdebate.com> wrote:

> I want to take a minute to congratulate two of my former employers and
> colleagues ? Cathedral Prep (Fr. Hahn and Brian Manual) and St. Mark?s (Tim
> Mahoney and Jason Peterson) for a fine showing at Emory.  Cathedral Prep
> defeated St. Mark?s in the final round.
> I also want to strongly encourage people to hire Brian Manual for their summer
> debate workshop.   Brian and I are working together at Kentucky (June
> 20th-July 6th), but I know he is still looking for a second session job.
> He has coached his team to victory at Emory, to the finals of Wake & Michigan,
> to the semis-finals of Bronx, Georgetown Day, and Kentucky, and to third place
> that the Pace RR.  His teams also reached the doubles
> of St. Mark?s and the Glenbrooks.  He helped coach Lakeland to the finals of
> Lexington.  This year he received the ?Michael Bacon Coach of the Year? award
> from Lexington.
> During the past few years when he was not coaching his team, he has helped me
> out with my own.    Brian is not only incredibly hard-working (he gives Scott
> Harris a run for his money in terms of at-tournament sleep deprivation), but
> he is really amazing at helping debaters understand arguments, develop
> positions, and to think through debates.
> Your camp will be better and your campers will learn more if you hire Brian.
> His email is clariondebate AT gmail dot com
> Stefan
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