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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Jan 31 14:08:53 CST 2008

Two things about strikes:
1.  It is imperative that any Worlds judges who are willing to judge policy 
find their way on to the strike sheet.  Please let Vik know about your 
willingness to cross over to the dark side (treat for new novices:  Llano in 
the pool!).
2.  We will attempt to be very generous with strikes (waiting until Saturday 
morning to make a final determination).  If at some point we are unable to 
assign judges due to strikes, my recommendation to Vik will be to first 
remove strikes for all teams with 4 or more losses.  If that doesn't work, I 
would proceed to remove strikes for the teams represented in the tab room.  
Only as a last resort (and I don't anticipate this happening at all) would 
we remove all strikes.  Let me also note that strikes beyond the first two 
outrounds are of course dependent upon who is actually left at the 
tournament.  I know I will not support keeping an eliminated school at the 
tournament in early February just so that remaining teams can have their 

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>Subject: [eDebate] Gotham Debates - The Tech Updates
>Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:57:25 -0500
>Three items of interest: Twitter,  internet access, Strikes
>A. Twitter - As we mentioned before, we're experimenting with this within
>the community for announcements.  I'm not sure how useful this will be
>within the building at Baruch (some corners have better reception than
>others), but I see this being very useful if you are leaving the "campus"
>for any reason, or if you smoke around the time of pairings release, or if
>we're missing a judge.
>Here are the directions if you haven't signed up before:
>1. Send a text message to 40404 (it doesn't matter what's in the text
>2. You will then receive a text from twitter (40404) asking you to send 
>name to confirm you want a twitter mobile account (this may take a minute);
>reply to this message with your name.
>3. Send a message to 40404 that contains "follow gothamdb8" (as written
>exactly here with a space between follow and gothamdb8, without the quotes)
>4. You should receive a confirmation text from twitter saying that you'll
>receive gothamdb8 updates.
>5. You can stop the updates being sent to you at anytime by sending "off
>You can learn more about Twitter and sign up to send and receive via AIM 
>other computer channels at twitter.com
>I'll send messages through the results of finals.  We did a "test" - so 
>ready to go.
>B. The Internets - Baruch does not allow guest accounts; however my Baruch
>students are generous hosts.  At registration you will be given the name of
>a Baruch student to check in with if you need to get a laptop online at the
>tournament.  In our calculations, we are assuming that the Worlds teams 
>primarily only need internet access for their directors/judges who may also
>be doing work.  When in doubt, you can always ask me.  For those of you
>familiar with Patrick, Dima, and Ashlee, they will be assisting you in this
>matter.(ie: Army folks - see Ashlee, Bing - see Dima, Bard - see Patrick,
>C.  Strikes - We should be able to offer 8 strikes at a minimum in each
>division this weekend.  You will receive strike sheets at registration when
>you come in.  Please return them by the start of Round 2.  They will be in
>place for Round 3.
>We are working on the remaining judge philosophies, but if you have
>questions in the meantime, feel free to ask me.
>We're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday (or your car on Friday).
>Vik Keenan
>Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
>Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
>212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894

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