[eDebate] CSUF, USC date change announcement

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Tue Jul 8 15:27:34 CDT 2008

After consultation with lots of people, including vendors, past
attendees, and campus officials, USC and CSUF will change the dates of
their annual swing.  The new dates will be:


USC, Jan 3-5 (Jan 2 is the travel day)

CSUF, Jan 7-9 (Jan 6 is a USC to CSUF travel day)


The motivations for the change are (a) the opportunity to reduce costs
for travel and hotel, (b) the extreme difficulty of dealing with vendors
the week of Dec 20-27, (c) the lack of preparation time for almost all
attendees, given that most people are with families until at least the
26th and need to travel on the 28th to get to USC in the status quo, and
(d) at least on the CSUF side, a desire to allow our staff and squad
members a chance to enjoy the holiday with their families.


Happily, CSUF should be able to get the Marriot back this year with a
rate of $89.  Air fare should get cheaper the farther we all get from
the post-25th peak travel times.


We realize that the new dates are not equally convenient for everyone,
and we do sincerely apologize if this change creates travel difficulties
for some programs.  We will continue to do our best to provide high
quality tournaments run efficiently, and we hope that an extended stay
in a warm-weather climate in January continues to appeal to the



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