[eDebate] Don't be afraid of commodity one crops

Mike Davis davismk13
Thu Jul 10 14:01:48 CDT 2008

Both Jim and Ermo indicated that the list of 29 commodity one crops
scared them. We had a long discussion at the topic meeting and I came
away that I am much more afraid of COFU and fisheries that I am of any
additional crops. Your generic counterplans, politics DAs (some of the
specific politics links for these crops are really good) and many of
the PICS will still work against the smaller crops. Plus some of these
crops are very interesting.

I would encourage everyone to take a closer look at these crops before
dismissing them outright. Some of them might not be affs, but I have
not been able to find one yet that I would not be willing to go
negative against.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University

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