[eDebate] What is the mechanism?

James Lyle jrlyle
Sat Jul 12 08:24:21 CDT 2008

Despite conceding the no link to my initial concern with the 2nd set of
resolutions, the impact (the loss of export subsidies and market access
barriers) seems to still exist.  Based on the posts made over the past few
days it is clear that there is a pretty wide split over how to interpret the
2nd set.  Do they allow the AFF to reduce more than domestic subsidies or

My read is that they do.  My efforts to follow the topic meeting discussions
led me to believe that the topic committee was offering a resolution that
would allow for bigger affs but make sure the aff got rid of domestic
subsidies at a minimum.  I also think the wording reads that way;
"substantially reduce agricultural support" is still the primary verb in the
resolution, and the "at least..." is still an open-ended qualifier to that.

We'll know what the crops are under the 2nd set, but this difference of
opinion about what the mechanisms are is pretty severe in my book.

So, as of now, I'm still in the 1 camp because I think these mechanisms are
important for the AFF to have.
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