[eDebate] Interpretation of 2nd set of resolutions Ans Lyle

Kelly Young kel1773
Sat Jul 12 11:08:50 CDT 2008

Jim Lyle says:
Despite conceding the no link to my initial concern with the 2nd set of resolutions, the impact (the loss of export subsidies and market access barriers) seems to still exist. Based on the posts made over the past few days it is clear that there is a pretty wide split over how to interpret the 2nd set. Do they allow the AFF to reduce more than domestic subsidies or not? My read is that they do. My efforts to follow the topic meeting discussions led me to believe that the topic committee was offering a resolution that would allow for bigger affs but make sure the aff got rid of domestic subsidies at a minimum.
If anyone cares about the topic committee discussion on this--perhaps you should since we have been accused of writing your aff plans for you--we specifically sought to write resolutions that allows the aff to do more than just end domestic subsidies. The second set of resolutions just require that eliminating domestic subsidies is AT LEAST one of the actions taken by the affirmative to guarantee predictable neg ground. 
But apparently in doing so we tubbed the aff's chances to write a plan text or solve. I have no idea why because those who make this claim provide zero explanation to support their charge. 
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