[eDebate] Ducks Over Lentils (D.O.L)

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jul 14 04:03:18 CDT 2008

Let me make a last minute appeal for those of you who like the lentils
resolution to support a write in candidate.

an oldie but goody

r: the usfg should implement and/or enact a policy that increases
prosecution of sexual violence amongst one or more of the following
duck breed

while this is the less elegant of the two duck rape resolutions, it seems to
be a better write in candidate than the actualy elegent alternative duck
rape resolution...dont say i never compromise...

really though the Rouen is far more interesting than at least 10 of the
lentil varieties...

here is a real appeal the  half of the community who could care less what
you choose because they are gonna do what they like any way would be more
likely to be topical on ducks than on lentils....

now i know that ceda has not built in a write in function...but yall
smart... figure it out...

Ducks over Lentils
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