[eDebate] NDT Semis/Elims as a Resolution

Louie Petit louiedebate
Tue Jul 15 13:59:14 CDT 2008

further research is definitely needed before we rule out using the NDT
semis or other elim rounds at the NDT as means to choose or not choose a
resolution.  The debates that happen at the NDT are pretty good and might be able to offer some insight to how research is conducted.  Matt Schissler, Eric Lanning and myself (Louie Petit) were able to do some fast research and found this pdf in a quick google search.  Although Schissler insisted on us not using google scholar, Lanning and I used google scholar tanyway.  Whitman debaters, what are you going to do.


I am sure you there will be disagreements once you read the article, but that happens

Louie, Schissler, and Lanning

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