[eDebate] Afghanistan is to obama as viet nam is to johnson

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jul 16 13:21:11 CDT 2008

By 2010 Obama will have mostly ended the us presence in iraq

but the troops wont go home

they will go to afghanistan

and by 2012 a beleaguered obama will not seek reelection because hillary is
running an anti war campaign against him in the primaries and highlighting
how he was unable to handle what even he thought was the real war.

This will occur after he has used the momentum from his iraq withdrawal to
work with hillary to get health care put in place.

But it wont matter because afghanistan wiill take in millions of dollars and
munitions and send back car bombs and flag draped coffins

Meanwhile obama willl deal with his iran problem and his taliban problem by
combining them, and exporting talibinizaton to eastern iran as a means of
destabilizing iran, that wont cause any problems in world oil markets...i
promise, plus it wont put any pressure on any one else in the middle east, i
also promise.

The economy will continue to tank

And meanwhile in fantasy land we will pretend that nation sized regional
travel schedules and continent sized national travel schedules are
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