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Gordon Stables stables
Wed Jul 16 16:02:00 CDT 2008

Greetings all. I hope you are enjoying a safe and healthy and summer.


The impending topic announcement (the deadline for voting is almost here)
reminds us all that the new season is almost upon us. In order to make the
transition to a new year easier, CEDA has decided to produce a beginning of
the year e-newsletter that will contain news, job announcements, updates on
CEDA rules and policies and a comprehensive (and regionally organized)
tournament calendar.


To make this newsletter work we need your contributions. Please email me if
you have any items that you would like included, such as:

-        Announcements about new faculty or staff for the 08-09 season

-        Upcoming job announcements

-        Call for papers 

-        Graduate school information for 09-10

-        Other matters of professional interest to our community


And don't forget to check Dave Steinberg's incredibly helpful tournament
calendar at If your tournament isn't listed there, but you still intend to
host and earn CEDA points you should let us know ASAP. 


Even if a tournament is tentatively planned, we still want to list it so
folks can consider their plans. We will make specific notations for any
tournament that isn't 100% finalized (i.e., hotel contract not signed, date
could move, etc.), but we still want to have all options listed. In our
current economic climate and with skyrocketing travel costs we all need to
do what we can to streamline our travel planning. Dave has done a tremendous
volunteer service with this calendar and now we all need to work together to
make our organizational calendar as comprehensive as possible.


Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions. The e-newsletter will be
produced in a few weeks and will be linked with content on the new CEDA site





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Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
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