[eDebate] Work Being Done at Baltimore College Debate Cooperative

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jul 23 09:51:46 CDT 2008

So far we have these files done

Da Black Papers(Burch)
Food Prices DA and answers(Stannard)
Primativism (Risko)
Anthro (Schatz)
CAFO's Aff (Stannard)
CAFO's Neg (Stannard)

This is still being worked on in wave 1
Stephen Davis/Beth Skinner

The Pink Aesthetic
Becoming Black
Anti "Community" Framewor/k
Weak Messianism
Rapture Disad
Some Brand of Nihilism

Matt Stannard/Les Philips

Managerialism K
CAFO's and Food Prices Updates

Andy Ellis/Daryl Burch

The 3rd world
Black Rage Aff/FW
Black Subsidies Pic
Racial Contract
Prisons Aff/Neg
Genelogy of Cotton

Online-John Rief
Framework - general framework answers and compiling debate articles to
upload to sharepoint.
Hemp Good
Friere (crafted based on the topic with agriculture links)
Population (both a generic backfile and specific arguments for both sides of
the rez)
Trade - mostly the protectionism good/bad debate with Europe, Asia, and WTO
A kritik yet to be named
A discourse kritik (probably along the lines of anthro)

If you would like to join us or see the work we are doing you can join the
online coop and get the files for $150 at
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