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Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Mon Jul 28 12:02:11 CDT 2008

I also used the NCA All Academic system to remind people - BUT, just in


NCA this year is REQUIRING early registration by August 6 (a week from
Wednesday) for all convention presentations. If you are not registered
by that date, which includes payment, they will remove you from the
final convention book. This is a new enforcement mechanism, and while
it's not one that I would have chosen, I would hate to see anyone
excluded because of forgetting the deadline. Thus, this is a reminder. 


The letter NCA sent me (and presumptive other presenters) says that, if
you use a paper copy to register, they want it by August 1 to process
it. That's this Thursday!


If you choose to register online, you just go to www.natcom.org/members.
I just did this - it took maybe 2 minutes. They ask that you don't wait
until the last moment, so to avoid a last minute rush that crashes their
system and risks leaving people out. In my case, the greater danger
would be forgetting - so, I encourage you to do it today instead!


If you are scheduled to present but aren't planning/able to register by
August 6, please backchannel me. It's not clear whether or not we'll be
notified in any other way by NCA. Although I doubt that we'll be able to
do anything to protect panels from depleting, I am sure the CEDA
leadership would like to know where we stand, in case there are any
options to be explored...


Dr. Eric Morris

Assistant Prof. of Communication

Director of Forensics

Missouri State University

901 S National Ave, CRA 375

Springfield, MO 65897


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