[eDebate] racist attacks on me and others

matt stannard stannardmatt
Tue Jul 29 13:01:52 CDT 2008

This arrived in my inbox today:
From: William Myers (oldbrompton at hotmail.com) Sent: Tue 7/29/08 6:15 PM To:  stannardmatt at hotmail.com 
Hey there, asshole.  Nicholas Stix has a wonderful piece at VDARE.com documenting your attempts to harrass, intimidate, and silence him. http://www.vdare.com/stix/080728_debate.htmGood luck with that, you totalitarian prick.Nigger-lovers such as yourself should be ashamed. Your day is coming, rest assured. William MyersIrvine, CA
FYI, Stix mentions me and several others in this piece:
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