[eDebate] Availability to Serve as Hired Judge for Kings College Connelly-Garvey Tournament

Art Kyriazis akbiotech
Tue Jul 29 13:44:27 CDT 2008

Dear edebate friends/ceda friends:

I am available to serve as a hired judge for the Kings College 
Connelly-Garvey Tournament September 19-21 2008.  I am based just 
outside of Philadelphia.

I have relatives and friends in Wilkes-Barre to stay with and that I'd 
like to see, and I have judged at this tournament in the past.  I do not 
require any transportation or housing consequently.

If you do have expenses available, the gas mileage from my home in 
philadelphia door to door to kings college is about 70 miles each way, 
which should be reimbursed at the rate of about 50 cents a mile, or $35 
each way @ at current gas prices ($70 total), plus the $30 per round 
fee.  I can judge into elims.

Am attaching my judging philosophy FYI.

Please contact me by email or by cell phone if you require assistance.

--art kyriazis
cell phone 215-300-5108

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Name:Connelly-Garvey Debate Tourament
Hosted by: Kings College
Contact: Mike Berry
Address: Department of Theatre and Speech, King's College, Wilkes Barre PA 18711
Phone: 570.208.5900
On-line entry allowed: True
AFA Open tournament (open to non-AFA members): True
Divisions Offered: 
Open with 6 prelims, expected to clear to: Quarters
JV with 6 prelims, expected to clear to: Octos
Novice with 6 prelims, expected to clear to: Octos
Other details are available at: http://www.debateresults.com
This tournament may be offered in conjunction with an individual events tournament.
If so, you will be notified by a separate email.

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