[eDebate] sta-xl plus 2.0

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed Jul 30 03:31:23 CDT 2008

Danny Cantrell, a fantastic programmer and tab director at many parli 
tournaments, and I have been working on the new version of STA-XL Plus over 
the past 7 months.

This new version is a _major_ advance and I'm really excited about how easy 
it is to use, how much great data it provides (high tech cumes, round by 
round results for warm rooms and posting to net benefits, etc.), and how its 
many, many refinements address the multitude of tabbing situations he, i, 
and users have dealt with (eg breaking brackets but not when that forces 
teams to debate in a partials round when they would otherwise have received 
a bye; improving bruschke import; etc.).

you can read details about the program's features and our work at:

in late august/early september--we will be doing final beta testing and then 
in mid-september, the new version will be released for the first tournaments 
of the year.

if you are interested in doing some beta testing, feel free to contact me. 
the current version is located at:

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu 

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