[eDebate] BCD Coop Tournament Pairings rd 1-3

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 31 13:08:45 CDT 2008

We have begun our 7 round camp tournament with some high quality debates and
some high quality judging,ruralism,race,rage,rhizomes, and cafos abound,
Competiors hail from Morgan State, Towson,West Conn,CCBC,West Virginia,
Coppin State,East LA CC, and binghamton. Judges are judging, debaters are
debating and local high school students are learning...here are the pairings
so far


AFF                                  Neg

Duane Valaria           Rahul Ebone            Stephen Davis       Li106

Dayvon/Matheno   Adam/Andrea          Neil Berch              Mc205

Amit/Megan            Hong-Mei/Nicole   Nader                        Li310

Robbie/Sarah          Jesus/Mikey            Daryl Burch             Li210

Mike/Schuyler         Vicente/Iggie          Les
Andrew/Ben            Ben/Deverick         Beth                        Li008

Rd 2

Aff                                     Neg

Adam/Andrea               Amit/Megan           Daryl Burch        Li310

Ben/Deverick                Schuyler/Mike        Nader                 Li100

Hong Mei/Nicole         Dayvon/Matheno   Les                     MC-205

Mikey Jesus                  Dwayne/Velaria       Neil Berch         Li106

Rahoul/Ebone             Robbie/Sarah            S.Godbey          Li210

Vicente.Iggie             Andrew/Ben                 S.Davis
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