[eDebate] Files Produced at BCD coop

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 31 19:37:15 CDT 2008

Indexes and all that jazz will be coming soon but these are the titles of
the arguments produced during a great two weeks

   Plagerism Good Barndt Framework Anarcho Primitivism K Freire Ag
policy K  Managerialism
K Anthro Neg File Black Rage Args Traditional Policy Debate Good CAFO's Aff
Starter Set CAFOS NEGATIVE STARTER SET Capitalism K of "Race"  EU DA Marxism
Backfile Food Spikes Geneology of Cotton Aff Materialism K  Prison
Farms Aff Ruralism
1AC Rhizomes-Becoming Pink Rhizomes Framework Negritude stupid
undergrounds Theory
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