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bandana martin drmosbornesq
Wed Jul 9 21:22:44 CDT 2008

i am not getting into much of a conversation about this but i haven't
delisted myself from edebate yet so i figure i'll respond to andy's post.

i don't really know much about being a white, even middle-class, man in
debate so i won't respond to the first explanation for why nobody gives a
fuck what psycho racist lunatics say on their blogs (or the brains on cx.com).
i am just glad to have jobs since my identity puts me at such a

as to the second point: that stix dude is a psycho racist lunatic.
do i care that he is "inhabiting" my argumentative space? lol no.
do i think that him and i have the same idea of a good debate round?
is it a humorous leap of logic to assume that topicality and the
internet-KKK are bff? LEAVE IT TO THE VIEWER.


On 7/9/08, Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you to Matt for keeping the watch.
> To the rest of you:
> It is interesting that the discussion amongst the policy community and on
> cross-x.com  almost ignored  this  attack as if nicholas stix was such a
> creatin that a response would be below us. And perhaps it is, and thats the
> problem. I wonder what would you say to nicholas stix if he was sitting
> across a bar table or a starbucks or if he sat down next to you on a long
> flight...Is it worth it to try to convince him he is wrong? Is it worth it
> to furitivly post a counter blog? How do you deal with the Schiros/Stix of
> the world? How much of what he says do you find yourself agreeing with, even
> if you dont like the way he says it, and wish he wherent so racist? Where do
> you specifically disagree? Is his understanding of debate so undeveloped?
> Strip out the racism and how much does it sound like your framework
> blocks?How much is he verbalizing what you have either thought or have "been
> sure that other people are saying"?
> Perhaps the relative silence of the policy debate community compared to the
> parli community comes from a variety of reasons, but ill suggest two. 1) We
> have had fantastic opportunities to discuss the theory of social justice and
> difference and diversity and multiculturalism, but in practice this segment
> of the academy has largely seen itself sheltered from the diversity battles
> that have gone in the rest of the academy. Since there are very few black
> women with the requisite experience to direct a policy debate team there are
> not really black women in the candidate pool for college debate jobs. The
> requisite experience component keeps white men in the position of power
> because they are the dominant demographic amongst competitors and directors.
> White men can look at the coaching pool and be like hmm i am pretty sure if
> i stick with this i have a good chance of getting a job. That chance becomes
> less and less once you think of other identities. Thus our desire for
> expertise have insulated us from hiring decisions that are often  parts o
> university  policy and mechanisms to ensure the diversity of the
> professorship.Debate avoids this because it requires expertise that does not
> draw from as diverse a pool as most other university jobs draw from. This by
> the way has direct effects on the demographics of participants as well as
> coaches. 2) There is something painful about seeing white supremacists
> inhabit the argumentative space on which those of you who defend traditional
> debate practices have staked the future of the game. The fairness of the
> topic line drawn in the sand is stixs main argument and for many people its
> their main argument too...and it kinda stings when the best press your side
> of that debate has is a crazy white supremacist.
> My response would be do you know what an impact turn is mr stix(of course
> you do im sure schiros has told you all about them)? And My Second question
> would be tell me what you know about mau mau and we will go from there...
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 12:36 PM, matt stannard <stannardmatt at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
>> The attack on Towson (and Kansas, and the debate community, and debate
>> judges) by the racist Stix has been re-posted at another racist website,
>> libertyforum.com.  The article is followed by a comment from a poster who
>> answers by saying that "academia has been hijacked by Marxist Jews and it
>> being used to push their agenda of destroying Western civilization through
>> feminism, homosexuality, and racial lies."
>> This demonstrates a certain unity and global racism among people who think
>> this way.  Anti-semitism and anti-black racism have often been presented as
>> polar/ideological opposites, but obviously they are part of the same overall
>> spectrum.
>> This presents an opportunity for those who find one of those two forms of
>> racism to be more acceptable than the other to re-think their positions.  I
>> know too many otherwise moderate people, including many in the debate
>> community, who laugh off one or the other.  We need to remember that these
>> are people who, if they could get away with it (and they often do) would do
>> serious violence to people who are different from them.
>> mjs
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