[eDebate] Don't be afraid of commodity one crops

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Thu Jul 10 15:07:24 CDT 2008

Perhaps fear is not the right word. Certainly, generics can keep the
negative in the game. I am concerned we'll end up in rounds with shallow
generics instead of deep case debates. That means relying on generics
instead of good case defense. Any case will be researched if teams are
winning with it.  If there are enough of them, the research on the major
cases will suffer accordingly. 

Although I think CAFO's and fisheries might not link to the same
generics as other parts of the topic, I do have the impression that both
are large areas that could lead to deep case debates. I think there will
be a fair number of cases in both areas if they are included in the
topic, with a smaller percentage of CAFO teams defending the
implications of a topical plan than fisheries teams. 

I think while either of them is a big debate, the topic is smaller and
more predictable than with a much longer list. If you think that's
incorrect, please tell me why before we vote.


p.s. Glad we are talking about this, regardless of agreement!

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Both Jim and Ermo indicated that the list of 29 commodity one crops
scared them. We had a long discussion at the topic meeting and I came
away that I am much more afraid of COFU and fisheries that I am of any
additional crops. Your generic counterplans, politics DAs (some of the
specific politics links for these crops are really good) and many of
the PICS will still work against the smaller crops. Plus some of these
crops are very interesting.

I would encourage everyone to take a closer look at these crops before
dismissing them outright. Some of them might not be affs, but I have
not been able to find one yet that I would not be willing to go
negative against.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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