[eDebate] Voting on a topic based on NDT elims is stupid.

ed lee bamadebate
Sun Jul 13 09:32:11 CDT 2008

I actually agree with Scott.   My post is also (I would say primarily) concerned about the educational value of the topic.  Our squad is large and diverse.  I am also concerned about our novices who walk into a debate about one of the minor Title 1 crops and its relationship to some geopolitical future event that we have not discussed because they are still learning the mechanics of a debate.  I am also concerned about the debater who attends 4 tournaments a year.  I would like those debates to be about salient political issues. 

I am more concerned about what knowledge and research we incentivize. I think it is better for our squad room discussions to focus on ethical, political and environmental ramifications of US subsidization and consumption of fisheries, ethanol, and cafos than mohair, sorghum and chickpeas.  We will spend an entire year discussing these issues.  I really do think it would be a travesty for us to exclude these issues when there are other ways to protect the negs ability to prepare for debates - which seems to be the only reason we would exclude them.             


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Look, 95% of you colleges debaters and I guess 98% of the college debate coaches
have not, cannot, will not, and will never, make it to semifinals of the NDT.
Sorry to be the one to break it to all of you, but it is true. To think that a
lot of people would make a decision on which topic is best based on some
hypothetical that over 90% of you will NEVER experience, seems to me to be
ludicrious at best, and sadly delusional at worst.  I thnk there will be a
"rapeseed" aff with Kritikal feminist language advantages broken by Emory's top
team in Quarters at the NDT, I don't think I will worry about it when I vote.

Scott Elliott


apologies to Emory for letting the cat out of the bag.

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