[eDebate] Mmm Lentils, Chikpeas, and Mohair

Martin Harris mharris02
Tue Jul 15 01:18:56 CDT 2008

I will play for a little bit. The parli and ld boards have been slow for
awhile, and this kind of intrigues me from many sides.


Brad- I am confused about the particular point you make at this
particular time. Don't get me wrong, I think some that engage what are
called alternative models of debate throw the baby out with the bath
water (one day I might post my activist rant), but I read Andy's latest
post as MOSTLY trying to suggest a particular leaning for a particular
set of topics. An attempt to argue for a switch sides policy topic that
has meaning and draw and that focuses on important salient issues of our
time instead of tangential ag policy. Hence, if you are right, would
those switch sides skills not also be honed in a world of CAFO debates
instead of Mohair debates? For whatever reason, I think I have seen a
lot of compromise potential coming from Andy over the last year or so.
Why the standard framework block to THIS proposal/request (please excuse
the overgeneralization, I hope you get my point)? 


Andy - I thought about engaging your analogy head on, and then I decided
to say forgot it and just do the translation. I have a couple problems
with your analogy. First it assumes there are TWO worlds. You ignore
Parli (at least 3 forms), IEs, NFA-LD, and other public
speaking/forensics organizations. I don't think this is all that
surprising. Most people in NDT/CEDA do (except Eddie, I apologize for
not having engaged you sooner. I should do that sometime soon). No
worries, we are happy with or without you all, but it does make your
criticism kind of narcissistic. It also seems self imploding (you rely
on that which you criticize). I am interested in one thing if you are
serious about desiring issues that could be more engaging to a broad
audience. I don't want to essentialize, but the NFA topic revolved
around US foreign policy to the greater horn of Africa in the area of
public health, economic development,  and human rights protections.
While it is foreign policy and domestic policy, you couldn't garner any
interest amongst your debaters to argue about African studies? Why is it
that Towson wouldn't play in NFA, or at NFA, or judge at NFA in the ld
division? I respect if you were trying to explore the ie world and
connect with that part of the squad. Seriously, that is respectful, and
far more than I have been able to do at Drury. I respect ies, but I
don't like doing them anymore than I like English. Just not my thing. It
just seems to illuminate sincerity on compromise on your part, although
I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. 


I will leave it there for now because I don't want to cloud the issue
too much from jump street. If you, or any other people that share your
believes, would like to entertain various "project" goal/paths/whatever
,since it is summer, I will play for awhile. I am interested in
exploring honest ways to forge coalitions to work for a better/more
diverse debate community. I suspect, given my history with CEDA/NDT,
that this conversation won't go very far, but I thought I would at least
throw something out there and fish for awhile. 



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