[eDebate] Failure of Conferences Proposal--a redux

Kelly Young kel1773
Mon Jul 21 10:44:26 CDT 2008

Greetings to all,

Just a couple thoughts before I head off to work. First, Darren, you're probably overreacting to the percentage of non-votes. 65% is a pretty good percentage given that we have non-participating members, the vote occurs during the summer, etc. Not sure how you could "encourage" more voting participation unless you make voting compulsory, which probably no one favors. Seriously, 23 votes went against the conferences proposal and these oppositional votes were a complete surprise given that two business meetings have occurred without any significant arguments against the proposal. This surprise factor of the results is really the problem.

The more significant problem is the complete lack of communication on rather important issues affecting this organization. Folks don't want to use EDEBATE or CEDA-L to express their opinions. That's fine. Little of constructive value seems to come from this venue. However, there are several other options to voice concerns/opinion. For instance, tell your representative. If your representative is a schmuck, send your opinions to someone you trust and ask them to voice them anonymously. Or send them to the CEDA officers. Just let your opinions be heard so that the leadership can make necessary changes.

What is rather frustrating is that perhaps the only issue that most of us agree on is that CEDA regional representation is busted. However, when there is an alternative to that structure offered, it's rejected without meaningful discussion. I really don't understand what people have to fear in making their arguments known, but this lack of trust/fear/whatever is apparently the more significant problem rather than non-voting. 


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