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Michael Souders micksouders
Thu Jul 24 21:16:57 CDT 2008


While increased consideration of regional tournaments would be helpful, it
is already the case that a successful regional tournament record can earn
you a second round bid.  Consider just this year.  Kansas State MZ went 2-6
at Harvard and 3-5 at Wake Forest, did not attend any of the other major
tournaments, but displayed local dominance and had solid performances at
regional/mid-major tournaments (UTD/UNT).  They demonstrated that local
dominance and regional success can turn into a respectable performance at
the NDT as well.  I thnk this a good example because although K-State
attended a couple of major national tournaments, it seems to me that their
bid was earned on the strength of the district and regional performances and
good prelim record.   Emporia FT attended only a two very large tournament
(Texas and Wake) and earned a total of a 7-9 record there.   However, they
consistently reached and won elimination rounds at the district level (UCO,
KCKCC, Baylor) and regional level (UTD, UNT, UNLV) tournaments.  Again, from
an outsider's perspective I would consider success at the local/regional
level was the key to qualification.

It seems to me that the formula for a second round if you attend most
national tournaments it to go 4-4 at all of them?or at least all but one.  But
sorting yourself out from the others applicants who go 4-4 requires that you
beat the teams you are supposed to beat?i.e., that district teams that
either do not travel to the national circuit or that consistently do not
reach the 4-4 mark.  This means 4-4 caliber must go local because
these occur in the local and regional tournaments.  Maybe once or twice a
prelim, but more importantly in the paneled second, third, or fourth elim,
you will face another 4-4 caliber team and you need to beat them.  Beat
several 4-4 teams you will obtain wins against other applicants and likely
against those who will qualify via districts.

If you cannot travel much national circuit tournaments, you need to
regularly beat those teams that do go to national circuit and do go 4-4
there.  Demonstrate your regional status is not a result of lack of quality
but for others reasons (unknown to the evaluators).  What's nice is that the
new Brushke systems allow you to quickly compare teams against other
second-round applicants and against those already qualified.  Get some
quality wins at home and your applications will stand out.  Bolster that
with a substantially above .500 record and you probably have yourself an
NDT, no national travel needed.  My GUESS is that voters consider these

1.       Prelim record (as a baseline)

2.       Record against other 2nd Round applicants.

3.       Record against qualifiers.

4.       Record at national tournaments.

5.       Local/regional dominance (5-6 prelim wins, 2+ elim wins, etc).

The order might be wrong, but I don't think the factors are wrong. (Perhaps
a voter could speak to this?)  Obviously, without the travel you cannot get
#4, but 2 and 3 will check reluctance if you do well at them.

Of course, my ideas present a problem.  What if no one in your district
travels to the national circuit and therefore you cannot get wins against
those persons going 4-4 at national circuit tournaments?  This is unlikely,
but it might happen.  To some extent, if the voters are deprived of criteria
then they can hardly be blamed for ignoring such teams.  But it's not all
done with or futile.  In this case, regional tournaments (I mean octofinal,
partial octofinal size tournaments?I'm thinking of Gonzaga, UNT, UTD) are
huge.  Most 4-4 teams cannot avoid attending them?they need wins to pad
their own possible applications since they know a district bid is not
guaranteed.  Heck, many don't even know they are 4-4 caliber until after the
swing season anyway.  And, of course, you can always beat those teams in
your own district who will qualify through districts.  In that case, you
have wins against NDT qualifiers.  So I think there are effective ways no
what your situation.  But it should come as n- surprise that if you are
entirely trapped at the district circuit level (in my three tier district,
regional, national conception?a system of convenience only)
your opportunities decline.  You must prepare and seize the ones you
do get.  And if all else fails; if you debate no teams from outside your
district, your district top teams don't come to local tournaments, you
cannot get to regional tournaments, etc?you still have an option: beat your
competition at your district qualifier.

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