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Sir, I think we have the copyright on the name rebel debate institute....

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 1:31 AM, <Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu> wrote:

> In summer 2009, UNLV will host the first annual "Rebel Debate Institute."
> We're looking for top notch college debaters and coaches to be a part of our
> camp staff.
> Please contact me if you're interested.  We plan (tentatively) on hosting 3
> sessions all starting on July 5, 2009.  There will be a 2 week session
> ending on 7/18, a 3 week session ending on 7/25, and a 4 week "scholars"
> session ending on August 1 (things still have to be finalzed with the dorm
> folks--these dates are our "ideal" but are subject to some possible small
> changes)
> The scholars session of the camp may be a bit different that other ones
> you've heard of or worked with.  It will be an "application based" lab open
> to the top 10 or 15-ish applicants only.  I plan on being the "constant" lab
> leader (with the possibility of one additional "constant" lab leader), and
> will attempt to find 4 big names that will seriously draw students to work
> with me in one week increments.
> Right now I estimate that I'm looking for about 10 staff members for the 2
> and 3 week sessions...
> Criterion for selection include, but are not limited to (in no particular
> order):
> 1) are you smart/credible/good coach or debater
> 2) are you responsible--showing up to lab after an all night poker and
> drinking binge is not recommended
> 3) can you help bring in students to attend (name recognition, a loyal
> following, fan club, etc.)
> 4) are you easy to get along with, and will be a good co-worker
> 5) are you hard working and ready to produce a load of high quality ev
> 6) are you a good teacher
> Obviously one of the most tricky parts of hosting the camp our first year
> is that expected attendance will be tough to guage at first, so I will
> probably only make ABSOLUTE promises to the top 5 or 7 folks who contact me
> (initially)... The details related to pay, who works which sessions, etc can
> be worked out with me individually.
> If you're interested please contact me.
> Jake
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