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Thu Jul 31 21:41:21 CDT 2008

Jason Jarvis just replyed to me, but this was clearly for the whole list.

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I know this is really off focus for the list....but can anyone give me
insight into why American based airlines are so abysmally bad?  And I don't
mean "high oil prices".....In the past 5 years I have travelled to  more
than 15 countries and flown all kinds of airlines from cheap budget airlines
(Air Asia) to the gold standard of airlines (Singapore Air)....ALL of them
have given me service that is equal to or better than what we get in
America.  In fact, the US is the country that I dread travelling to the
most.  Between airline service and the UTTER NONSENSE that is US security
regulations and immigration its always a pointless hassle (and no, I don't
think Homeland Security has actually made you more secure by harassing and
confusing you at every possible opportunity).

Why are US airlines so screwed up?  The checked baggage thing is just
another example, but the problems predate the spike in fuel prices.  Anyone
got any info, links, etc?

...back to lurking....

Jason L. Jarvis

Assistant Dean and Lecturer,
Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management

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Subject: [eDebate] Delta Raising fee for 2nd checked bag to 50 dollars a bag

I always hated Delta, but somethings going to have to give soon with the

Matt Stannard is kind of totalitarian.

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