[eDebate] Unofficial Calendar Update 6.1.08

Steinberg, David L dave
Sun Jun 1 11:27:14 CDT 2008

If I have left you out or got your info wrong, please let me know....   And continue to report missing tournaments.  Thanks.  dave

dates   Tournament      Divisions       Contact Person  email

09/13-09/14     Baltimore Season Opener         Andy Ellis      andy.edebate at gmail.com<mailto:andy.edebate at gmail.com>
09/13-09/15     The Jesuit @ Gonzaga    O       Glen Frappier   frappier at calvin.gonzaga.edu<mailto:frappier at calvin.gonzaga.edu>
09/19-09/21     King's College  O,JV,N  Mike Berry      michaelberry at kings.edu<mailto:michaelberry at kings.edu>
09/20-09/22     UNI Ulrich Season Opener        O,JV,N  Cate Palczewski palczewski at uni.edu <mailto:palczewski at uni.edu>
09/20-09/22     Georgia State University        O,JV,N  Joe Bellon      joe.bellon at gmail.com<mailto:joe.bellon at gmail.com>
09/26-09/27     Rochester       O,JV,N
09/26-09/28     Golden Gate Season Opener SFSU  O,JV,N  Shawn Whalen    swhalen at sfsu.edu <mailto:swhalen at sfsu.edu>
09/26-09/28     Clarion University Autumn Leaf Debates  O,JV,N  Jim Lyle        jlyle at clarion.edu<mailto:jlyle at clarion.edu>
09/27-09/28     Laramie Scrimage                Matt Stannard   stannardmatt at hotmail.com<mailto:stannardmatt at hotmail.com>
09/27-09/29     Bear Shock @ either WSU or MoState, tba O,JV,N  Eric Morris     EricMorris at MissouriState.edu<mailto:EricMorris at MissouriState.edu>
09/30-10/01     Las Vegas Round Robin   O       Jake Thompson   Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu<mailto:Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu>
09/30-10/01     Kentucky Round Robin            JW Patterson    jwpatt00 at email.uky.edu<mailto:jwpatt00 at email.uky.edu>
10/04-10/06     Las Vegas Classic       O,JV,N  Jake Thompson   Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu
10/04-10/06     Henry Clay Debates              JW Patterson    jwpatt00 at email.uky.edu<mailto:jwpatt00 at email.uky.edu>
10/10-10/12     Santa Rosa Junior College       O,JV,N  Mark Nelson     mnelson at santarosa.edu
10/10-10/12     KCKCC Blue Devil Debates        O,JV,N  Darren Elliott  delliott at kckcc.edu<mailto:delliott at kckcc.edu>
10/11-10/13     Jay Weinberg Classic @ Richmond O,JV,N  Kevin Kuswa     kkuswa at richmond.edu<mailto:kkuswa at richmond.edu>
10/17-10/19     West Point Invitational         O,JV,N  Bill Skimmyhorn         william.skimmyhorn at usma.edu <mailto:william.skimmyhorn at usma.edu>
10/17-10/19     Vanderbilt      O,JV,N  ML Sandoz       ML.Sandoz at Vanderbilt.Edu<mailto:ML.Sandoz at Vanderbilt.Edu>
10/17-10/19     Pepperdine Ray Buchanan Invitational    O,JV,N  Sarah Stone Watt        sarah.stonewatt at pepperdine.edu <mailto:sarah.stonewatt at pepperdine.edu>
10/18-10/20     Idaho State Open Debates                Sarah Partlow Lefevre
        partsara at isu.edu<mailto:partsara at isu.edu>
10/18-10/20     Emporia State University (Pflaum Debates)       O,JV,N  Samuel Maurer   smaurer at emporia.edu<mailto:smaurer at emporia.edu>
10/24-10/26     Diablo Valley College   O,JV,N  Becky Opsata    BOpsata at dvc.edu<mailto:BOpsata at dvc.edu>
10/25-10/26     Western Connecticut     O,JV,N, Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox      wilcoxw at wcsu.edu<mailto:wilcoxw at wcsu.edu>
10/25-10/27     Wayne State Motor City Classic  V,JV,N  Kelly Young     kelly.young at wayne.edu<mailto:kelly.young at wayne.edu>
10/31-11/02     Robert Barbera Invitational (CSUN)      O,JV,N  John Kephart III        csundebate at gmail.com<mailto:csundebate at gmail.com>
11/01-11/02     Frederick Douglas               Andy Ellis      andy.edebate at gmail.com<mailto:andy.edebate at gmail.com>
11/01-11/03     Harvard
11/07-11/09     University of Central Oklahoma  O,JV,N  Eric Marlow     emarlow at ucok.edu<mailto:emarlow at ucok.edu>
11/07-11/09     University of the Pacific       O,JV,N  Marlin Bates    mbates at pacific.edu <mailto:mbates at pacific.edu>
11/07-11/09     Liberty O,JV,N  Mike Hall       mphall at liberty.edu
11/14-11/16     Appalachian State Mountaineer Debates   O,JV,N  Kris Willis     williskw at appstate.edu <mailto:williskw at appstate.edu>
11/15-11/17     Wake Forest     O       Ross Smith      smithr at wfu.edu<mailto:smithr at wfu.edu>
11/22-11/23     Binghamton      O,JV,N  joe leeson-schatz       sailorferrets at gmail.com<mailto:sailorferrets at gmail.com>
11/22-11/23     WNPT @ Whitman  O       Jim Hanson      hansonjb at whitman.edu <mailto:hansonjb at whitman.edu>
12/05-12/07     12th Annual Austin J. Freeley Tournament        O,JV,N  Brent Brossmann brossmann at jcu.edu<mailto:brossmann at jcu.edu>
12/06-12/07     Mid Atlantic Fall Champs        O,JV,N  Andy Ellis      andy.edebate at gmail.com<mailto:andy.edebate at gmail.com>
01/06-01/08     University of North Texas       O,JV,N  Brian Lain      blain at unt.edu<mailto:blain at unt.edu>
01/10-01/12     University of Texas at Dallas   O,JV,N  Chris Burk      crb012000 at utdallas.edu<mailto:crb012000 at utdallas.edu>
01/17-01/18     Val A. Browning Round Robin     O       Veronica Guevara        veronica_m_barreto at hotmail.com <mailto:veronica_m_barreto at hotmail.com>
01/23-01/25     US Naval Academy        O,JV,N  Danielle Verney O'Gorman        daisy_verney at hotmail.com<mailto:daisy_verney at hotmail.com>
01/31-02/01     Umass   O,JV,N
02/06-02/08     Hurricane Debates @ University of Miami O,JV,N  David Steinberg dave at miami.edu<mailto:dave at miami.edu>
02/14-02/15     Cornell JV,N,Rookie     Sam Nelson      Samnelson4 at aol.com<mailto:Samnelson4 at aol.com>
02/14-02/15     Harriett Tubman O,JV,N  Andy Ellis      andy.edebate at gmail.com<mailto:andy.edebate at gmail.com>
02/13-02/15     WFA @ ASU               Derek Buescher  dbuescher at ups.edu<mailto:dbuescher at ups.edu>
02/21-02/23     Mardi Gras Policy @ UL-Lafayette                Scott Elliott   sme2607 at louisiana.edu<mailto:sme2607 at louisiana.edu>
02/28-03/01     CEDA East/D8 Qualifier @ Baruch College O,JV,N  Vik Keenan      vikeenan at gmail.com<mailto:vikeenan at gmail.com>
02/28-03/02     Northwest CEDA Champs   O       Jim Hanson      hansonjb at whitman.edu<mailto:hansonjb at whitman.edu>
03/06-03/09     Novice and JV Nationals @ Towson        JV,N    Andy Ellis      andy.edebate at gmail.com<mailto:andy.edebate at gmail.com>
03/13-03/15     ADA Nationals           John Katsulas   katsulas at bc.edu<mailto:katsulas at bc.edu>
03/14-03/16     NJDDT   JV,N    Terri Easley    teasley3 at jcc.edu<mailto:teasley3 at jcc.edu>
03/20-03/25     CDDA Nationals (?)              Darren Elliott
03/27-03/30     NDT (?)

David L. Steinberg
Director of Debate, Lecturer in Communication Studies
University of Miami
PO Box 248127
Coral Gables, FL  33124

FLW 3015
204-385-5216 (fax)
dave at miami.edu<mailto:dave at miami.edu>

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