[eDebate] CEDA Summer Meeting Archives

Scott Herndon scottaherndon
Tue Jun 3 11:49:42 CDT 2008

The archives for the summer meeting can be found at the following addresses. There is no page set up, but the meeting are all available. I'll post the URLs for the remaining days of the meeting as they are archived. 

Business Meeting:
Saturday morning: mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Saturday_AM.wmv
Saturday afternoon: mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Saturday_PM.wmv
Sunday morning: mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Sunday_AM.wmv
Sunday afternoon (first 
session): mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Sunday_PM.wmv
Topic Meeting: 
Sunday afternoon (after break): 
Monday morning: mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Monday_AM.wmv
Monday afternoon: mms://streaming.utdallas.edu/debate/Monday_PM.wmv

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