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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jun 3 12:15:48 CDT 2008


I am putting the finishing touches on it, i wanna make sure its all right
before it launches, but i should have it complete before to long, once the
back end work is done then its all about cooperatively producing content for
the rest of the summer. We have been working on a low cost way to stream
lectures and other camp content live and will likely be testing that in the
next few weeks.

So beyond any online platform i get built, for $150 you get:

All the evidence produced during the camp and the entire year. This includes
all of the work done by online contributors during the summer, all staff
assignments, all student work produced during the two weeks of the coop, and
any other content produced for the online coop.
Everything will come to you in word or ocr'd pdf's so you wont have to worry
about the ease of use of the files

Live and on demand access to all lectures. The streaming solution we have
worked out will provide a live chat room so not only can you watch the
lectures but you can ask questions and participate in real time.

Online collaboration with the entire on site staff plus a group of highly
talented online reviewers.

More info on the way

Thanks for your patience.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate
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