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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Jun 7 18:20:26 CDT 2008

1)As many of you have notcied and know throughout the year i have had
serious back problems for about the pst 15 months. Monday I go in for back
surgery. Other than some general information this has two points of
signifigance for you. a) If you need to discuss the coop on monday or
tuesday or have questions please direct them to beth.skinner at gmail.com, i
will be passing of the files to her. b) i have been getting everything ready
this week and have fallen behind on some development and administrative
parts, i apologozie but hopefully by wednesday i will be in better shape and
can focus on the coop again, thanks for bearing with me. I will follow up
with all applicants,invoices and assignments before i go to the hospital
monday and will launch the online coop after monday.

2) We will have a group of peer to peer educators and mentors, these
students will help provide a debaters perspective in the teaching of the
camp, will work with the staff to develop certain arguments and positions,
and will generally provide student senior leadership to the participants.
The p2p educators and mentors will include:
Ben Crossan-Binghamton
Nathan Eicher-Oklahoma
Adam Jackson-Towson
Dayvon Love-Towson
Deverick Murray-Towson
Michael Stark-West Virginia

Deven Cooper will also spend time working in this group before leaving for

3) There are still a few spots left, but they are dwindling fast if you
would like to have a room sign up or contact us ASAP.

4) Special Online Discounts! If you sign up for the online coop as an
individual before July 1 you  will receive a $50 discount bringing the total
to $100 a person. There is also a $100 discount on team memberships, team
memberships are great if you have more than 4 people interested, at $400 you
get memberships for everyone on your team (Also until july 1st after that it
goes back up to $500).

Thanks and have a  good Saturday.

Andy Ellis
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