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David Peterson deepeezy
Fri Jun 13 00:53:19 CDT 2008

Debate Community,

I am looking for someone to come teach debate in Korea.   Our school is a small private academy in a very nice area of Seoul (Gangnam) This is a great opportunity to learn about another culture, gain teaching experience, and make a lot of money.   We want to find someone who can start immediately.  


Job Responsibilities:


Job responsibilities include teaching debate as well as essay writing
classes.   The classes are
fun and the students are generally hardworking.   The working hours are
typically from 2pm to 10pm 5 days a week and there are opportunities to
work more for overtime pay.   It is also possible to negotiate a shorter workweek for slightly less pay.  There are at least two weeks of vacation per
year guaranteed by Korean law, though its possible to negotiate for more.   




Applicants must have substantial debate experience and at least a bachelor's degree.   Teaching experience is also preferred.




The salary is negotiable and dependent on experience.   I would say,
with a bachelor's degree, the pay will likely be at least 3.3 Million Won
per month (3,300$).   There is a little
less than 10% deducted from your pay for income taxes, half of which is
repaid to you upon completion of your contract.  Applicants with a Master's degree or PHD,
significant debate credentials, or other relevant experiences can
negotiate for more.   It is not very expensive to live here, and most of your expenses are covered by the school.  Standard contracts also include a bonus of one
month's pay after completing a year-long contract.    We also pay airfare
to and from South Korea and provide furnished studio/apartments for all
teachers in addition to salary.   The medical insurance is excellent here and going to a doctor is very cheap and easy.   I will provide more
information upon request.

Let me know if you have any questions.   If you are interested please email your CV with cover letter to petersod at uci.edu.




David Peterson 


Director of Debate

Daechi Debate Institute

Daechi-dong, Seoul, Korea

petersod at uci.edu
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