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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Jun 14 09:28:34 CDT 2008


I am simply putting feelers out.

I am looking for a job, either debate based or otherwise. I'm not looking to
leave Baltimore/DC area per se but for the right offer i would.

Towson has not offered me employment for the coming year and I cant afford
to wait for them to do so.

Ideally if it where a debate related job i would like to work with someone
who would provide me a scholarship or tuition waiver to  allow me to finish
the 30 or so credits i need in order to complete my undergraduate degree, i
would also like to receive some pay as well. Given that context i would
prefer a position where i can help judge coach and travel occasionally but
wouldn't be primarily responsible for day to day operations of the team.
Health Care options would be ideal, but not a requirement.

I also have extensive experience working with non profits and other office
settings. I have served as a program coordinator for a large middle school
UDL and currently do volunteer development, teaching, and after school work
with an urban youth based non profit. I am also more than proficient in a
wide variety of information technology. I have advanced database, web
design, office application, and basic web application building skills.

A full resume is available upon request, but for now i am simply seeing if
there is anything that anybody has available where they think i would be a
good candidate.

I know its late in the cycle, but if you think you have something where we
could be a good match please get in touch.

It would sadden me to have leave Baltimore or the work i have done to get
the Baltimore College Debate league off the ground, but without a reliable
source of income from Towson if there is a viable option elsewhere i would
have to take it and hope that someone lese would pick up the baton of
creating college debate opportunities for local UDL graduates.

Andy Ellis
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