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Paul Leader leaderdb8
Wed Jun 18 22:05:37 CDT 2008

I tested it today, fun and easy to use
Paul Leader
Greyhound Debate

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 23:03:31 -0400
From: zoheb.nensey at gmail.com
To: leaderdb8 at hotmail.com

I would like to announce the creation of an IRC chatroom for Policy Debaters, Coaches, and other affiliated persons.
This chatroom is hosted at www.koach.com, and there is a Facebook group if you are registered there. 

The facebook group may be found at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20919227889&ref=ts
Instructions are listed there to join. 
If you are not on Facebook, here are the simple instructions to sign up and participate

1) Go to http://koach.com/index.php?id=chatlogin&client=web&chan=%23PolicyDebate
2) Register for a nick.
3) Log in with the nick you made and its password.

    The name of the room is #PolicyDebate. Yes, the # sign is important. 

One other thing. If you're good with computers/internet/technology, and would like to simply use your own IRC client, the server is irc.koach.com.

Zoheb Nensey
University of Miami

The other season of giving begins 6/24/08. Check out the i?m Talkathon.
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