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First a note. Tomorrow I will get back into the towson offie for the first
time since my  back surgery(i can walk upright!) and catch up on all the
coop business that's out there. I haven't forgot you, i just had a chunk of
my spine removed and it took me slightly longer to get back in the wing of
things than i thought.

But more importantly.

Ross Smith on May 19th

27 jobs here. http://www.openleft.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=5873

Activism anyone?

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

Activism indeed. My knee-jerk reaction was how could you say that changing
debate by arguing about debate is not activism...then the light turned green
and i had time to think about it.

I went and looked at the jobs.

1. Data Auditor- Catalist
2. Organizers- California Nurses Association (positions around the country)
3. New Media Director- Politics Online
4. Web Application Developer- DCCC
5. Web Assistant- DCCC
6. Director of Communications and Marketing- Safe Kids Worldwide
7. Policy Counsel- Free Press
8. Online Campaign Manager & Editor- Center for Community Change
9. Online Organizer- Working America
10. Managing Director of Media Relations- Planned  Parenthood Federation of
11. Director of Media and Online Communications- Roosevelt Institution
12. Field Organizers- Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund (New Mexico)
13. Field Coordinator- Marriage Equality Rhode Island
14. Major Gifts Manager- Food and Friends
15. Associate Development Director- Food and Friends
16. Program Staff- Progressive Technology Project
17. New Media Writer- United Federation of Teachers

18. Communications Director- Rep. Steve Israel
19. Press Secretary- Rep. Harry Mitchell
20. Health, Human Resources and Social Security Legislative Assistant- Rep.
Sander Levin
21. Legislative Correspondent/Systems Administrator- Rep. Brad Sherman
22. Legislative Assistant- Rep. Stephen Lynch

23. Progressive Strategies, L.L.C.
24. Campus Progress- Social Capital
25. Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
26. Young Democrats of America
27. Friends of the Earth

I then read all of the descriptions. These are some very cool jobs that have
a much higher output to input ratio than most debate work, and many of them
provide direct services to those in need and others employ folks  to
organize for political change at a variety of levels. I agree with ross that
this is very real and valuable activism which allows debaters to take their
preparation and put it to work as effective policymakers(by ross's
definition which i have largely accepted and incorporated).

Some of you may be like ok when is andy going to disagree with ross.

I'm not. However, i believe i have another job to add to this list.

28. Peer-to Peer debate educator -Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization
Services- Baltimore MD

We are fundraising to this position if you are convinced you want to help
scroll down to the bottom.

Job Description: The Peer to Peer debate educator will split his or her time
between two YOURS programs(Baltimore College Debate & The YOURS After School
Program at Independence High School). Duties will include:facilitating twice
weekly debate workshops during the after school program and serving as a
college mentor for students on the debate team;serving as a liaison between
the after school program and local universities;providing research and
learning materials for new and emerging debate programs involved in the
Baltimore College Debate Program; research support for the director of
development & advocacy.

Background on Programs:
YOURS is a 501 c3 non-profit organization located in Baltimore MD whose
mission is to  organize youth as the catalyst for change through the
creation of a network of community-owned cooperative programs serving and
benefiting the public of Baltimore. To achieve this mission, YOURS has
established clear and obtainable goals:  to help prepare Baltimore City
Public School students for academic and professional success while
instilling a sense of social responsibility and benefiting the community.

The YOURS After School Program at Independence High School is a new program
which builds on the success of previous YOURS after school programming and
in school partnerships to offer after school activities to the students of
Independence Local #1 HS. Independence is a Baltimore City Public Charter
School which aims to serve a small student population who has experienced
serious difficulty engaging in traditional academic settings. Through a
critical pedagogy built on applied and experiential learning, Independence
now in its 5th year has engaged over 100 students who previously had dropped
out, been pushed out, or had been kicked out of  other schools. The after
school program will allow the school to provide valuable enrichment
activities which help increase student and community involvement in the
school. For example: the students would like a newspaper, a dance team, some
intramural sports, a band and yes , a Debate Team. In addition to these
traditional components the program also provides students with college
access career counseling,employment and internship opportunities. An added
bonus is the access to YOURS community gardens which provide nutritious
garden grown produce to participants in the after school program.

Baltimore College Debate is a program of YOURS which aims to create debate
opportunities at Baltimore/DC area colleges without existing policy debate
team. Our primary goals include:Creating a continuation of services for
students with Urban Debate League experience in high school;building
advocacy skills amongst the cities college age youth;providing employment
and scholarship opportunities in debate related fields for students and

Requirements: The Peer-to-Peer Educator will work on average of 20 hours a
week. Hours are flexible and can be built to accommodate a  college
schedule.Candidates should have a high school diploma, extensive experience
with debate, and a demonstrated commitment to community empowerment.

Benefits and Pay: The position is an Americorps position and includes a
stipend and educational credit as well as limited benefits

Please note: We have a Candidate for this Job. He is a hard working student
who debated for three years for Forest Park high school, during his time
there he was the first ever qualifier for the NFL nationals and is one of
the best BUDL debaters ever. He currently debates at towson. He mostly
figures outis own funding for school and we would like to give him support
for work he would likely do as a volunteer.

We need to raise $5000 total to fund this position.
YOURS will match up to $2500 and is working to secure that funding.
We are trying to raise the other $2500

We are using Fundable, the way this works is that you only get the money if
you reach your target by the date, but they charge lower fees on the funds
you raise than other services. So we need to meet the goal of $2500 by June
25th(lets call it the 24th to be safe).

Here is the link

Donations over $75 will receive a donation letter for tax purposes. But if
you can only give $10 that gets us closer. If 200 of you gave $10 this is
what you would get for your investment

*An experienced college debater to serve as a mentor and coach at Urban
Public High School that is solving problems in the education system on a
daily basis.
*Some much needed planning time for overworked teachers who have given it up
in order to facilitate debate.
*A college student from an urban public high school who can help navigate
the college process for other urban public high school students.
*Much needed program support for an initiative to reach out to new and
emerging college debate programs.
*A job and some educational credit money for a student who could benefit
from it.

Sorry this long, Ross is right all of that stuff is activism,and i think it
has high effect on the world around it. This is to. With not a whole lot of
community input we could create this position, which has a pretty good

 Thank you for reading.

Andy Ellis
PS- I work for YOURS
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