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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Sat Jun 21 11:58:34 CDT 2008

Scott Elliott says:

    In your zeal for international debate stardom, have you abandoned high school cx
    debate the same way you have abandoned college policy debate?

    Scott Elliott

Dear Scott,

Pardon my levity.

As I am just finishing my work in Las Vegas as director of operations 
for NFL HS nationals, as yesterday I spoke to and encouraged hs policy 
coaches and debaters, as I worked closely with and facilitated the 200+ 
hs policy tournament here won by my friend Dave Huston of Colleyville 
Heritage and two awesome young men in the final over New Trier, I can 
only chuckle at your remark. I guess the fact that I have been here for 
ten days working on this has escaped your notice. Sure, I coordinated 
the entire tournament with 17 different events, 5500 people at five 
different competition sites, but it did include policy debate. I watched 
the final round and enjoyed it. I even webcast it to some very grateful 

I am not sure you know all that I do. Before you go using words like 
"abandon" you need to get some better information. Like, ask me.

I do a lot of stuff. At home, abroad, in a wide variety of debate 
formats. I support debate in all of its forms.

I am amused at your accusation that I am abandoning college policy 
debate. In a recent email to the 28 debaters who attended tournaments 
last year I outlined our policy schedule.
Tournaments at the regional level include 7 tournaments.
Tournaments at the national level include 8 tournaments.

And I have training scheduled abroad (Chile and Venezuela, for example), 
am taking teams overseas to tournaments in the WUDC format, work with 
the National Public Policy Forum hs policy debate program, and I have 
been invited to be director of operations at NFL nationals again next 
year. This summer I am working with 18 students from Pakistan, 
Bangladesh and India in a one-week debate workshop sponsored by the 
State Dept. in a project held at UVM, but then that isn't policy debate.

And the International Debate Academy. And hosting US Universities 
Debating Championship at UVM in April, but then that is also the WUDC 

I am not trying for "stardom" in your words, but continuing in my career 
of promoting debate. My endowed professorship includes an obligtion to 
promote debate everywhere in every format. It's my job. I am lucky to 
have it.

And I have a surprise project/trip I will be announcing soon (or, when I 
get the money).

Scott, you have achieved "stardom" in my book. I want to congratulate 
you for not abandoning debate, for starting a new debate program, and 
for all the work you do. Keep serving the cause and please give me the 
benefit of the doubt.


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