[eDebate] CEDA voting on new website

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Sun Jun 29 10:04:57 CDT 2008

Hello everyone:

Voting on the new CEDA topic (and several amendments) is now open.  Voting requires coaches to register at the newly redesigned CEDA website.  A registration code was sent to coaches a few days ago.  If you did not receive a code (or if you have misplaced the code), please let me know.  Voting ends on Wednesday, July 16.

All coaches who have registered to date should be able to access the ballot.  All new registrations should give me a day or two to enable authorization to vote.

Once all coaches are registered, a new registration code for everyone else will be distributed.  The new CEDA website provides more access to information, easier use of forums for discussion of relevant topics, and generally attempts to bring CEDA into the 21st century.  Please check out the site and send feedback on what additional changes you'd like to see us implement.


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