[eDebate] Online Coop Payment Up and Ready

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jun 30 06:27:01 CDT 2008

Hello folks,

the payment gateway for the online coop is set up. If you are interested in
getting an account please go to
http://theyoursstore.com/product.sc?categoryId=3&productId=31 use coupon
code early50

Use the Paypal option and you can pay by either pay pal or credit card.

You will be given access within 24 hours of your payment processing.

I can give you a receipt beyond the one pay pal gets you if you want it.

Before July 1 the cost is $100, after that is $150. You would pay that for
our ev, but you dont only get our ev
you also get:

*Access throughout the ENTIRE SEASON to all evidence produced during the
online and baltimore versions of the coop.
*Forums, discussions and blogs, with special guest contributors.
*All of the lectures and video instructional material produced at the camp.
*A online working environment that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft
office products in order to create an easy to use but powerful platform for
cooperative debate work
*Instruction from and lab work with our incredible staff.
*A network of other debaters to help you amplify your research ability by
cooperatively tracking down resources.

Team Memberships are also available and provide access to all of your team
for $500, but please contact me about that option...computer and logistics
stuff we have to discuss.

While you are the yours store...check it out...I have told many of you about
YOURS and others of you know i work for them, but in case you dont know
YOURS is non profit in Baltimore which aims to provide youth a stake  in
businesses and programs which aim to create urban revitalization systems.
The YOURS store online sells student produced products and proceeds help  to
pay student salaries. We function as a cooperative and at the end of the
year students and other Youth who work with us receive a cooperative share
of the precedes. We have recently opened a store in the Hampden neighborhood
of Baltimore and students are busy at work producing t shirts jewelery music
etc. During the year we will also sell books about both the high school and
college topics, so check that out!. The online store is being updated by
students trained to run it and new products should be up soon, so for now
check it out, but next week....come and buy cool stuff!

Baltimore College Debate and the cooperative are also projects of YOURS.

check out this local news story about the store.

Thank you
Andy Ellis
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